20’ and 40’ dry storage containers

Shipping containers - Cargo Containers

A & M Cold Storage has a variety of portable dry storage shipping containers and cargo containers for your application.  Whether you have temporary or long terms storage requirements we can service your needs.  We have units ready for rental and can often be delivered within one day depending on your location.  

These units are metal cargo containers which you have likely seen on ships, trains, and tractor trailers and can be shipped to your location and usually sit on the ground but can be adapted for dock use.  They are clean, weather tight and provide a large storage area and can easily be moved around on site if needed.

These units often go by several other names in the industry.   Shipping containers, cargo containers, storage pods, portable storage containers, dry storage containers, iso containers, etc.

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20' 8' 8.5' 160 square feet 1,360 cubic feet
40' 8' 8.5' 320 square feet 2,720 cubic feet

Shipping Container/Dry Storage Container