Long Term Lease

Lease advantages:

Preserve cash
Tax benefits
Match equipment needs to customer contract terms
Off balance sheet assets
Flexible from 1 year to 10 years
Keep up with latest equipment without having to purchase

A & M cold storage and dry storage units are available for long term lease to give you the most flexibility for your application.  A long term lease will allow you to preserve cash and take advantage of tax benefits.  Long term leases are available from 1-10 years at a reduced cost over short term rentals (which are generally defined by 1 day to 1 year periods of time).

The flexibility will allow you to match equipment needs to your customer contract terms.  You can keep up with the latest equipment technology without having to purchase and keep it off your balance sheet assets.

We have a variety of cold and dry storage units from electric to diesel, ground level units to dock height units, single temp and multi temp, swing doors and roll up doors, 20’-53’ in length.

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