Refrigerated Containers – Reefer Containers

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, are a fantastic cost effective way to expand your warehouse. They are electric powered temperature controlled containers that can be delivered to your site.  The most common sizes are 20′ and 40′ in length and they are usually about 8′ wide and 8.5′ tall.  Whether you are remodeling, moving your business, have a short term need, or looking for long term extra warehouse space…refrigerated containers could be your best option.

20′ 8′ 8.5′ 160 square feet 1,360 cubic feet
40′ 8′ 8.5′ 320 square feet 2,720 cubic feet

Refrigerated containers are a nice alternative to diesel powered refrigerated trailers.  The 20′ reefer containers can operate on single phase electric and the 40′ units usually operate on 3 phase.  They normally sit on the ground level and have swing doors but can also be adjusted for dock height applications by adding a chassis or even dropped right inside your warehouse in some cases.  They have a temperature range of -30 degrees F to 80 degrees F and are used for frozen items, fresh produce, or just temperature sensitive items.

Electric powered containers will save you the hassle of refueling a diesel powered trailer and the cost savings could be huge if your application is a long term requirement.  You can save up to $1,000 per month on fuel costs and usage fees and you don’t have to refuel every few days.  One reason customers might prefer a diesel powered refrigerated trailer would be in case the power goes out.  We have found in most cases power gets restored in just a few hours which is long before the temperature inside a weather tight unit will drop below a level which jeopardizes your inventory.  The most common reason we get service calls for any of our units is when a customer mistakenly runs out of diesel fuel.  The cost saving benefits usually outweigh the limitations.  If you don’t have the proper electric service on site you can often recoup the cost of having an electrician coming out to set it up within a month or two of rental or lease.

A & M cold Storage offers refrigerated containers that are clean, efficient, eco-friendly, cost effective and weather tight.  We provide short term rental, long term lease, and have reefer containers for sale.  We can provide service and maintenance for your unit and have 24 hour emergency service if needed in most cases.  We have a large rental service area nationwide and can service most of the country.  We have provided containers to small businesses as well as some of the largest organizations in the country such as Walmart.

Refrigerated containers can be used in many different industries and applications like food service, events and festivals, medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace and composite material, chemical and manufacturing, etc.  If you need cold storage on site reefer containers are a great solution.  These units can also go by the name walk in cooler, walk in freezer, or refrigerated shipping container.  The temperatures can easily be adjusted from the outside key pad and have a variety of settings for your specific application.

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  1. Please quote:

    40 FT Refrigerated Reefer with trailer. Electric.

    New or used (good conditions).


    Alvaro Garzon

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    My name is Victoria. I would like to know if you carry used 40 or 20 foot freezer containers.

    If you do have them, could you please inform me of your prices.

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  3. I’m interested in a 40 ft high cube container & trailer with solar to run lights, 110 and 220 plug in regular appliances and lights with side door as well and a lift gate and roll up back door for year to year lease with option to buy on a used fairly new unit.
    I will be using for various uses, needing to keep computer/electronic/electrical equipment at a controlled level and a plus is a bathroom/cleanup area for employees, office space, break room, etc.
    For a startup ministry, for Rev. Dolores Louise Smith 55 years Anointed Prophetess of J-Hovah, Wayshower of G-D.
    Please respond at above email with quote. May G-D guide
    you and be with you.
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