Refrigerated Containers – Walk in Coolers

Refrigerated Containers - Walk in Coolers

A & M Cold Storage offers electric powered ground level 20’ refrigerated containers and 40’ refrigerated containers for short term rental, long term lease or units for sale.  These units are often referred to as refrigerated containers, reefer containers, walk in coolers, refrigerated shipping containers or walk in freezers.  Our reefer containers are lined internally with food grade aluminum and stainless steel and are equipped with the latest refrigeration units from Carrier and Thermo King.  They can maintain temperatures from as low as -31 to 80F and can be utilized in the worlds harshest environments.  They are highly reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly.   ****Ask about our new high efficiency, green, low operating cost, scroll compressor carrier refrigeration units****

We buy new containers every year...make sure you reserve yours before they arrive!  

The 10', 20’ or 40’ refrigerated conex container is equipped with large double doors and can accommodate forklift traffic.  They are electric powered and operate on  single phase 220 volt or 3 phase electric, either 230V or 460V.  Think of them as large walk in coolers and freezers or large refrigerated or freezer Pods.  We offer reefer containers that can be used in almost any type of temperature controlled storage, from various food service applications to non-food service applications, such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, electronic, composite material storage and many others.

20' 8' 9.5' 160 square feet 1,360 cubic feet
40' 8' 9.5' 320 square feet 2,720 cubic feet

Your search is over, we offer the latest models, the widest selection of climate controlled container and trailer types and sizes for the best price in the industry.  Check our rental service area here.  Give us a call or click HERE to get a free quote.


Refrigerated containers - Reefer containers - Walk in coolers & Walk in Freezers

Ground level storage
Electric powered low operating cost
Quiet reliable operation
Clean food grade interior
Environmentally friendly electric power
Double door forklift entry
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Permanent or seasonal rental and lease plans
Eliminate off-site operational problems
Instantly increase warehouse without adding on

Special options (available upon request)

interior lights
plastic strip curtains at door
Low cost high efficiency scroll compressor
side doors
computer or cell phone temperature alarms
-40F capability
Hazardous material storage
Diesel generator
Hazardous material storage
Validated units for sensitive high cost loads