Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailer

A & M Cold Storage provides a variety of refrigerated trailers for your additional cold storage needs whether they are on site, over the road, temporary or permanent.  Many different industries use refrigerated trailers including food service, chemical, pharmaceutical, festivals/events, government, etc.  Whether your product needs to be frozen or cooled we can provide the right solution for your application.

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We provide electric, diesel, and hybrid (diesel and electric) units depending on your needs.  There are single temp and multi temp units available.  We offer a variety of options from short term refrigerated trailer rental to long term refrigerated trailer lease as well as refrigerated trailer for sale.  These units are dock height and are available with roll up doors.  Whether your needs are over the road or on site, we have the solution for your application.

48' 8.5' 13.5' 408 square feet 5,508 cubic feet
53' 8.5' 13.5' 450 square feet 6,082 cubic feet

Refrigerated trailers are usually between 48'-53' in length and are easily relocated on site.  We offer an extensive service package for your unit with emergency service available if needed.

Refrigerated trailer rental - Refrigerated trailers rental

Refrigerated trailer lease - Refrigerated trailers lease

Refrigerated trailer for sale - Refrigerated trailers for sale

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