Short Term Rental

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At A & M Cold Storage we realize sometimes your storage needs are short term.  We can offer solutions for your peak seasonal requirements to maximize your profits and reduce expenditures.  Whether your inventory overflow is planned or unexpected we can help you with your logistics.

If you are going through expansion or renovations we can provide a temporary solution to your storage needs.  We can offer refrigerated storage solutions or dry storage solutions depending on your application.  If your temporary solution ends up requiring a long term solution we have long term lease available as well.

Short term rentals are usually defined between 1 day and 1 year.  We have leases for 1-10 years if you need it longer.

We offer refrigerated trailer rental, reefer trailer rental, refrigerated container rental, walk in cooler rental, walk in freezer rental, reefer container rental, shipping container rental, refrigerated trailers rental, reefer trailers rental, refrigerated containers rental, walk in coolers rental, reefer containers rental, walk in freezers rental.

Don't let planned or unexpected growth get in the way of maximizing your profits.  Call us today to discuss your options or click HERE to get a free quote!