Refrigerated Trailer – Refrigerated Container Solar Charging

By harnessing the power of the sun to charge transport refrigeration unit batteries (TRU’s), customers can save fuel and down time associated to TRU no starts and maintain peak performance in an environmentally sustainable way.

Developed specifically to maintain the TRU’s state of charge, the new breed of flexible solar panels are easily installed at the factory on new trailers and truck bodies or can be retrofitted on the roof of existing equipment. While daylight or UV waves strike the panels, they will continuously charge the TRU batteries ensuring they have ample power for system starts and help to avoid issues and costs associated with a weak or dead battery.

Today’s modern refrigerated fleet has increased demands on charging systems with such power hungry addons as telematics devices, liftgates, interior lights and other accessories. This combined with new regulations limiting the amount of time you can have equipment idling, has created a power shortage which at times is solved by tapping into the refrigeration unit which burns more fuel and drives up maintenance costs.

Although the power draw from these accessories can be anything from a few milliamps to amps per hour, the combined effect continues to draw power from the unit even when the TRU is not running causing the battery to lose the power needed to start the engine. The result is a costly emergency call out for battery charging or replacement many times prematurely.

Properly sized solar panels can help offset the power draw from these electrical devices while the TRU is not running and significantly reduce ERS charges related to the battery’s state of charge. This would also conserve fuel as there would not be a need to run the TRU just to charge the battery helping to lower cost.

A&M is installing solar panels on all of our new trailers to save time and money by avoiding breakdowns due to low battery state of charge, save fuel by eliminating startups just to charge the battery and lower wear on engine components such as starters and alternators.

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