Specialty Trailers – Hybrid & Multi Temp

A & M Cold storage offers great flexibility with hybrid diesel-electric reefer trailers and multi temp refrigerated trailers within it's fleet. For customers seeking unique solutions such as a combination of both diesel and electric power we have our hybrid reefer trailers. For customers who need dual temperature controls, such as having both frozen and fresh product, we offer our multi temp refrigerated trailers.

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Hybrid units are most commonly used in situations where product needs to be shipped "over the road" and then will sit stationary for long periods of time where electric is more efficient and offers huge cost savings compared to diesel. These hybrid trailers also come in handy when customers are looking for a secondary power source in case they run out of fuel or if the power goes out. Hybrid trailers can run in either diesel or electric mode and offer a ton of flexibility to the user.

When the hybrid refrigerated trailer is used in electric mode you will save fuel costs, noise will be reduced dramatically, it becomes a more eco-friendly solution, and operating costs can go down 50% or more.  When the inventory needs to be transferred from one location to another the trailer can be used in diesel mode.

Our multi temp reefer trailers are most commonly used in food distribution or grocery industry for companies who need to store both frozen and fresh product on board. Multi temp units offer dual temperature zones within the same trailer. There are usually multiple entry points with doors to each zone and they are separated by a bulkhead to create the different compartments.

Multi temp reefer trailers can be used in more than just the food industry.  A & M Cold Storage also offers a combination of both hybrid and multi temp trailers to give our customers the ultimate flexibility in product storage and transport.

When your application needs more than either an electric or a diesel option we have the solution with hybrid. If your application needs more than one temperature zone we have the solution with multi temp. A & M offers a full line of refrigerated trailers for our customers to keep you up and running with the optimal trailer choice. You don't have to settle for less.

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