Walk in Coolers – Walk in Freezers

Walk in Coolers - Walk in Freezers

A & M Cold storage has a large fleet of Walk in Coolers and Walk in Freezers for your cold storage needs.  These units are eco friendly, clean, and weather tight and will keep your product at the desired temperature.  They come in 10', 20' and 40' lengths.

We offer short term walk in cooler rental, long term walk in freezer lease and have walk in cooler and walk in freezer for sale as well.  If you need additional temporary or long term storage we have the right solution for your application.

Internal Lights

These units sit on the ground or can be adjusted for dock height applications.  They are easily relocated on site and can even be placed within an existing warehouse if needed.  Walk in Coolers and Walk in Freezers are very efficient and can store both frozen product as well as cooled items.

20' 8' 9.5' 160 square feet 1,360 cubic feet
40' 8' 9.5' 320 square feet 2,720 cubic feet


Walk in coolers & Walk in Freezers

  • Forklift accessible
  • Lockable secure double door access
  • Ground Level
  • Quiet reliable operation
  • FDA Grade aluminum and stainless steel interior
  • Store up to 18 pallets single stacked
  • Carrier and Thermo King reefer units available

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(other common names and misspellings:  walk in refrigeration, walk in coolers and freezers, how to build a walk in freezer)

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